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08 January 2006 @ 10:52 pm
Theme: Pets  
On the subject of gothic familars pets...

At college (a place where pets aren't allowed but everyone has them) my two roommates had a cat they brought up. His name is Sen and he's a black cat with a stubby missing tail. He was born without it, and they adopted him out of pity. I'm only "Auntie Meggie" to the cat though, as I wasn't an original "mommy" of the cat. And it's funny, they're two very strict Republicans and they say to everyone "Oh, the cat has two mommies".

We also did a test during the last election to see if the cat was a Republican or a Democrat. We put a blue piece and a red piece of construction paper on the floor and the one he went to first... well, safe to say I (democrat) was disappointed to see him sniff at the red piece. Oh well...

At home, I am petless but I do have a... strange collection of carniviorus plants. One is a pitcher plant named Steve, another is a poisonous ivy my mother named "Stephanie", then there is a spider plant named Errol and I'm going to be getting a real venus flytrap soon, which I think I'll name Lucas. I'm not a plant person, and I've killed cacti before, but for some reason I can't kill these plants.

When they start to sing at me, that's when I'll worry...
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Current Music: Lady Lemora - The Ghost of Lemora
Krystinepandora9kry on January 10th, 2006 05:29 am (UTC)
Was this tail-less cat a Manx? I have a Manx! I also used to have carniverous plants. My venus fly traps and pitcher plants were tiny, though.