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14 April 2007 @ 07:49 am
Poll: Draft in the first  

As this began as an open process, I will continue the draft stage in this way so that fine tuning of questions can be done with your help, to ensure the questions represent our members' needs.

Goth and the Workplace

What is your preferred business look for interviews and work?
[comment box]

Is your workplace or workplace of intent more
traditional [round ticky box]
casual [round ticky box]

How would you describe the work environment you are in or aiming for?
[comment box]

How do you express yourself through your attire while considering your daily tasks and surroundings on the job?
[comment box]

What advice do you have for young people entering the workforce?
[comment box]

What is the key or strategy in your wardrobe selection that makes daily dressing decisions easier or less stressful for you?
[comment box]

Gothic Events

co-ordinated [square ticky box]
promoted  [square ticky box]
attended  [square ticky box]

club/concert/fashion show  [square ticky box]
conventions  [square ticky box]
picnics, coffee meets, book clubs or other alternative meet-ups to club and concert events  [square ticky box]

What level of importance do you place on promotional strategy for the success of an event
unimportant [round ticky box]
low [round ticky box]
medium [round ticky box]
high [round ticky box]
extremely high [round ticky box]

What approaches to promoting do you feel have been the most successful for you?
[comment box]

How much time do you feel is required for planning a simple event such as a coffee meet or picnic?
[comment box]

How much time do you feel is required for promoting a simple event such as a coffee meet or picnic?
[comment box]

How much time do you feel is required for planning a high event such as a stage performance or themed night at a club?
[comment box]

How much time do you feel is required for promoting a high event such as a stage performance or themed night at a club?
[comment box]

What advice do you have for young people wanting to plan events in their areas - including less populated areas?
[comment box]

Adding Machismo to the a Goth Wardrobe

If someone wants to express their inner goth with a butch flavour what items of clothing and in what styles do you suggest?
[comment box]

If you are a man or a woman whom can comment on male wardrobe factors; do you find it difficult to dress in a masculine fashion in the subculture?
yes [round ticky box]
no [round ticky box]
only slightly [round ticky box]
the frillier the better [square ticky box]
fashion is limited for fellows regardless of the macho factor [square ticky box]

A person can butch things up with
accessories [square ticky box]
[comment box]
the cut of the cloth [square ticky box]
[comment box]
the choice of fabric [square ticky box]
[comment box]
the choice of colour [square ticky box]
[comment box]
the choice of boots [square ticky box]
[comment box]
the choice of shoes [square ticky box]
[comment box]
motifs are the way to go  [square ticky box]
[comment box]

Anything else you'd like to share regarding wardrobe and the Goth male?
[comment box]

Examining the zyGoth (misplaced/misfit) factor within the subculture

Regardless of your inner sense of goth/identity/confidence do you feel at least some part of the time that:

You cannot relate to a lot of people in your local goth scene due to differing
musical tastes [square ticky box]
interests [square ticky box]
lifestyle choices [square ticky box]
personal experiences/philosophies [square ticky box]
[comment box]

Do you feel alienated from non-goth friends and family despite good relationships with them?
Yes [round ticky box]
No [round ticky box]
I think most people do at some point or another [round ticky box]
They tell me that my quirkiness is what they love about me [round ticky box]
[comment box]

Do you feel you have to present an alternate or specific side of yourself within the subculture?
Yes [round ticky box]
No [round ticky box]
I don't feel I have to. I feel it is a matter of mood and choice. Some nights are better for home and a quiet book, some are better for kicking up my pointy toes. [round ticky box]
[comment box]

If you feel this sort of pressure do you associate it with:
subcultural cliches [square ticky box]
a sense of judgementalism or cliquish atmosphere within clubs/events [square ticky box]
that it is difficult to carry on effective socialization in loud or showy events [square ticky box]
being shy at first but that generally you relax and open up after you become accustomed to your surroundings [square ticky box]
The wall is your friend. You like the wall, the wall is nice, it's cool and dark. [square ticky box]
Oh, there were other people there? You hadn't noticed. [square ticky box]
[comment box]

Do you find yourself annoyed or impatient by:
constant "what is goth" talk [square ticky box]
the party lifestyle/mentality [square ticky box]
again it is difficult to discover and discuss diverse interests in loud atmospheres [square ticky box]
fashionistas/make-up divas [square ticky box]
the music being played [square ticky box]
[comment box]

Do you feel the scene is becoming
homogenized [square ticky box]
fractured [square ticky box]
commercialized [square ticky box]
distorted by outer perceptions [square ticky box]
distorted by inner perceptions [square ticky box]
diversified [square ticky box]
[comment box]

If you like to take a break from 'the scene' side of the subculture or if you avoid it in general, what alternate activities or social opportunities do you enjoy?
[comment box]

What do you do when you feel like a zyGoth?
[comment box]

Other thoughts and general comments about being an individual within a subculture for individuals which may appear to have homogenized expectations at times.
[comment box]

Your thoughts on gother-than-thou behavior within the scene side of the subculture.
[comment box]

Any advice you have for young people just reaching club-going age.
[comment box]

(Deleted comment)
FaeredelunEfaeredelune on April 28th, 2007 08:28 pm (UTC)
A nap sounds great. I have been a bit busy and stressed, and mad at myself for allowing these to decrease my social I.Q. a wee bit. Working on that though.

You mentioned somewhere MSN/AIM didn't you...

I have this strange feeling perhaps my MSN is not working. It is very rare that noone is signed in on my contact list. I had yahoo? somewhere and trillium once upon a time, though I find their styles uncomfortable. Small fonts and small windows seem to make me feel cramped. Id Aim a bit more... panoramic then?