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Gothic Royalty in Training

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The Royals, who on earth have made us Heirs
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All Members , Moderated
Heirs to the Throne is a sister community of gothroyalty. While GR is a 21+ plus community, this is a place for those gothic/dark minded souls who are still young and newer to the scene but still show a good grasp of it's aesthetics and culture. Only people 21 and under may join this community, older members/mods here were choosen on gothroyalty and can only join up if invited to from there. This community should also be looked at with a sense of humor, so please keep it with you at all times, we do not want to help breed any "gother than thou" attitudes. This community is a place where younger goths can go to ask advice of older goths, chat with their peers AND with older gothy types, and also post pics/links of "spooky" things and themselves. This place is not just for any kid "into" goth. We want this to be a place for the younger ones who want to represent themselves as the best the scene has to offer, to be role models for other kids, and to grow up and make us old spooksters proud ;) Kids who don't think traditional/historical "GOTH" is a bad word, and who have intelligence and manners. You should have somewhat of a good grasp on the whole lifestyle/look and you should also have developed something akin to a personal style that reflects creative and "royal" merit. Because of this there will be an application process, although this is NOT a rating community, this is to make sure we only have people here who will contribute to this community, not just silly kids looking for another place to spam themselves. When our members get old enough they will be able to try their hands at joining gothroyalty, we know this is sounding really overly serious, but really it's all in good fun, and hey we all could have used a little friendly advice when we were younger and not as sure of ourselves. We would also like to state that the older members of this community are not trying to say that we are the end all of telling you what "Goth" or "Dark Aesthetics" is, we are simply here to offer our experience/opinions gained from living the "darker" way of life for a long time. Our advice is not meant to be something you MUST follow, merely suggestions from people who have "been there done that". Older members will always answer questions and comments from our younger members and younger members are encouraged to do the same with us. Please be able to take criticism as well.

Examples of looks we are looking for: Dandies, Vampire looks that get it, gothic lolitas with class and style, deathrockers, ghostly ghouls, dead dollies, fans of dark jrock, black metal pretties, gothic aristocrats, dashing fops, victorian beauties, quick witted gentlemen, the fabulously odd, etc.

Want to know more of what lies behind Heirs to the Throne?
The Conceptualization of heirs2thethrone
Part I Part II
The Developments within H2tT:
Part I

formulated by faeredelune

1) Only stamped members can post/comment
2) Act like a grown up if you want to be treated like one, do not start flame wars or make nasty comments to other members
3) You may post auctions BEHIND a cut tag and only 3 times a month
4) You may post ONE picture per post outside of a cut tag, the rest must be behind a cut
5) You MUST know how to use a cut tag (see the lj faq)
6) You must actively vote on new members and stay active in the community or you will be removed after a time
7) Only vote yes or no, no "undecided" votes
8) DO NOT FEED TROLLS, just report them to the mods
9) If you have a problem ask a mod
10) Apps that have problems with votes will be decided on in our mod community lacournoire. Mods can overturn votes if we think the vote process is going unfairly.
11) Yes or No must be in the subject line of your vote

Fill out the below APPLICATION and post it FRIENDS LOCKED to the community after joining. You must receive 15 yes or no votes to be accepted in or out

1) What is your name/spoooooky nickname?
2) What attracted you to the darker side of things?
3) Aside from the Cure, what are your favorite gothic bands?
4) Name a few of your favorite non goth bands here:
5) Tell us an amusing story involving your involvement in the "gothic" subculture:
6) What is your personal definition of "goth"? (your inner view):
7) What is your understanding of what Goth is?(your outward view, objective):
8) What is your opinon on some of the typical goth cliches?
9) Site an older person who may have influenced you/ helped you in your path to the "dark side":
10) What is your website (if you have one):
11) Where have you promoted our group (you must at least promote us in your journal, people that don't link us will have the app removed):
12) What are your favorite movies?:
13) Name some of your favorite books?:
14) What's your favorite gothic fashion?:
15) How old are you?
Finally behind a LJ-CUT give us no less than 4 picture examples that you feel show us your style and your future "royalty" shining through. Pictures are a MUST.

Voting: Members please remember to keep in mind that we want this to be an accepting community. This is not a beauty contest or a goth points contest. Don't forget that the applicants are here to learn. We want to welcome all members who seem like they will grow up to be positive members of our subculture. When voting ask yourself:

1) Does this person seem to be someone that has a deep interest in the gothic subculture?
2) Will they bring something to the community ?
3) Do they seem willing to grow and learn?

Qoutes from mods/mentors regarding what we see as excellent qualities for a gothic person to have:

It's the people who are into the literature, art and aesthetic as well as the music who stick around. I know a lot of "ex-goths" who had great taste in music, but never really got the whole picture. I'm looking for people I think will grow into the scene and stay there, not music or fashion snobs.






You junior mentors are (are in their late teens/early 20's):
w1nterb0rn, _aletheia_

Older goth Mentors are (all mentors are over 21):
faeredelune,weyakin, dj_fact50,wildelf, spangle_kitten

Stamped Members:
prisonofdesire,vogueviscera,cocaineeyeliner,velvetrhapsody,cuntfiendtamar,_aletheia_,perfectinsanity,lives_in_a_tree,electr0naut, ntropa,killerontheloos,kiss_me_suicide,palespider,scornofangels,mywingsfelloff,xelandria,nezzta, viley, space_fight, ladylachrymose, xevv, kamikaze_child, kat_says_scoff, deadxxstars, the__figurehead, thermopylae, _nishka, freakin_great, darkdamsel, moralesscliche, armadeo, hallowbinx, cuntella, iconoclast_dawn, alias_chaos, suicidal_sex79, xlust_coffinx, joli_pistolet, le_miroir_casse, cheshire_bitten, justyn1337, _blackkittie_ ladyofchai tastyplacebos skippyandebsy l0l5saturdaynit iridescent_bean guillot_ines apollofrost berlin_brat waterhousesmuse guineverefaye soulstrungblood rikan_feral dreamofadisco glamourweaver tragic_sister cant_sleep_deep pandora9kry oh_synapse misanthropick, nuclearwintre, smu jade_squirrel, re_make, __sodadreamer, fadingmemories, mina5643, flamexheather, huiwei, wight1984, catsandmorphine, ou_estlasortie, berryblade, toxicghoul, kalodaimon, ataraxicrequiem,shoindiematrix, dolly_bonessaturninedamnedwinters_embracemadame_corbeausanguinette

And a little disclaimer:
To calm anyone's fears about older people of the "gothic" culture interacting with younger people interested in our scene we thought we should add the following statement:

Firstly all the mods, mentors and junior mods are encouraged to use their own name, not
a handle. By making us more personal we are being more accountable.
No moderator/mentor will ask any member of the community to meet them for any unsupervised or private meeting.
In some countries the age for drinking/attending clubs and smoking vary from others.
Any meet-ups that are arranged will be in accordance with the laws of that country, and under
age attendance will never be encouraged. We request that if any moderator
or mentor does approach a member of the community for a private meeting
that this is immediately posted to the forum for the other moderators to see.

Our aim is to help young Goths come to terms with the issues and problems
associated with their lifestyle choice, and to help them in this
choice. We are a fun community and we want every member of the community
to have fun here which is why we are taking steps to protect every
member. We will not to cajole anybody into a choice that they do not want
to make which is why the application process is in place. Members will
approach the community for acceptance.

Accepted or Rejected? Post your stamp on Lj

Invite others to join by linking this image:

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